When will my scheduled scan start?

Tinfoil gives you the ability to schedule scans to run on a recurring basis. Depending on which plan you have selected for your site, you can choose to schedule scans monthly, weekly, or daily. Once you choose which days your scan will run, you can choose a time window in which your scans will start. You have four options for time windows.

Time Window PST (UTC−8) UTC
Morning 6:00 AM − 10:00 AM 14:00 − 18:00
Afternoon 12:00 PM − 4:00 PM 20:00 − 00:00
Evening 6:00 PM − 10:00PM (the previous day) 02:00 − 06:00
Night 12:00 AM − 4:00 AM (beginning of day) 08:00 − 12:00

Once you have selected a scanning window, we will set your scan to start at a random time between the start and end of your scanning window. Note that this only specifies the start time for your scan, and your scan may continue past its scanning window up until the limit defined by your plan.

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