Depending on the type of account you have with Tinfoil there are a few different ways to collaborate with your colleagues:

Users who signed up on the Tinfoil website can manage collaborators by first navigating to the Tinfoil Dashboard and selecting the collaboration settings for the site they would like to collaborate on.

Collaborator management panel

Then you may enter an email address to contact your colleague at, or remove a collaborator if you wish to revoke access. When you add a collaborator an email to the invitee will be sent and they will be directed to create a Tinfoil Security account if needed. If the invitee loses the collaboration email and can no longer accept the collaboration you can remove and re-add them as a collaborator.

Collaborators are managed on a per-site basis; for automatic collaboration with all sites please contact Tinfoil Security support. If you have reached the maximum number of users you can collaborate with you may either upgrade your site or add extra collaborators via the site's Add-On settings.

Add extra collaborator via the Add-On settings panel
Enterprise Organization users collaborate sites and reports with other users in the same organization automatically. Learn how to manage members of an enterprise organization. A user who is a member of an organization can switch to one of their organization views to manage those sites and view security reports.

Heroku Add-On users collaborate using the Heroku application collaboration controls. Heroku application collaborators can use the Heroku add-on settings to sign into the Tinfoil Dashboard by selecting the Tinfoil Security add-on. From there they can jointly manage site settings, interact with running scans, and view security reports.

Cloudflare Add-On users collaborate via the same mechanisms as users who signed up on the Tinfoil website.

Engine Yard Add-On users can collaborate either via the same mechanisms as users who signed up on the Tinfoil website or by adding a collaborator to their Engine Yard account.

Azure Add-On users cannot collaborate with other users at this time. Please contact Tinfoil Security support to request this feature.

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