What is a vulnerability rescan?

One of feature our customers love most about Tinfoil is the ability to rescan individual vulnerabilities on their own, without having to run a full scan of the entire website to check if they've fixed each issue. With this feature, you can attain nearly-instantaneous feedback on whether or not the issue was fixed, mark it as such, and move on to the next one. Each of these individual vulnerability rescans takes seconds, not minutes or hours like a full scan might require (see How long do scans take?).

To initiate a vulnerability rescan, simply go to your report and select the "See & Fix" tab. You may then check one or more vulnerabilities and hit the Rescan button. You'll see a separate progress bar for each rescan, informing you as to each of the rescan's statuses. To cancel a particular vulnerability rescan, simply click the red Cancel ( ⃠  )symbol next to it.

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